Transform Culture|Higher Engagement, Retention and Results

Organizational culture can be your greatest asset or your greatest liability.

Current research demonstrates that business cultures that are vision-guided and values-driven create and sustain higher levels of performance


They attract and retain the most talented employees and report higher levels of engagement. Values unite people by providing a shorthand method of describing individual and collective motivations


People are happy when they experience what they value at work; they become energized as it gives their lives meaning and purpose.

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The best way to begin is by measuring the current culture of your organization by conducting a

Cultural Values Assessment (CVA) 

and measure current leadership styles by carrying out 

Leadership Development Report (LDR)

of current leaders.  


From this survey, an actionable strategy for cultural transformation can be designed and implemented.


It is no longer what you do that differentiates you from others; it is how you do what you do.


Both assessment options are made possible by the Barrett Values Center


*Assessment Example Provided by The Barrett Values Centre


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