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Jack Canfield + Patty Aubrey

Co-Founders of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Canfield Training Group

"Kathleen's Values Based Leadership training helped us clearly identify our personal and company values and, more importantly, how they impacted our behavior. This experience allowed us to leverage that insight to inspire our team into action."

Fred Desjarlais​

Vice President Volker Stevin Canada

More than ten years ago our leadership team engaged in Kathleen’s one year intensive team building program The Seeley Group. Our original leadership group is still mostly intact and closely bonded, using the tools she taught us all those years ago.

Darrell Camplin

Former Regional Director Alberta Transporation

I have had the good fortune of working with Kathleen for the past number of years on a variety of projects. First I worked with her when I was a participant in a large group team building/partnering session...the concepts that she was providing were presented in a new way. That is a more sensible and more applicable approach to the real world.

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