"Sustainable Values Driven Success"

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Our Vision| to impact leadership on a global scale by building sustainable, values-driven cultures.

The culture of any organization is the reflection of the values, beliefs, and behaviors of the current leaders or legacy of past leaders. Organizations don't change, people do and this must start with the leadership.


Massively Human Leadership™ is dedicated to helping organizations increase their employee engagement factors by tapping into what drives it; employee fulfillment.


Our services include Culture Assesment and Engagement indicator tools that measure the current and desired culture in the organization, delivery of highly modern HR practice keynotes, as well as development and implementation of intensive leadership development programs and cultural transformation initiatives ranging from a 1-day event to multi-month to 3-5 year initiatives.


Our programs are customized to meet your specific development and available resource needs.


What We Do| A Values-Based Approach to Everything

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"Values|underpin everything you do"

      ~Kathleen Seeley

A Massively Human Leader?

Massively Human leaders are values-driven and identify themselves as agents of change focused on the common good. They are courageous visionaries who believe in people, committed to lifelong learning and by their essence inspire the best in others. 

They exercise their influence to make a difference by aligning decisions and actions with consciously chosen values.  They inspire and create positive, lasting change in partnerships, teams and organizations, communities and the wider world.



Values are silent motivators that underpin our behavior, emotions, beliefs, ideas and decision making.  


Values are the anchors we use to make decisions so we can weather daily storms. They keep us aligned with our authentic self—and keep us true to the future we want to experience.  


The ability to express deeply held values in the workplace contributes to a sense of balance and fulfillment.  Acting against personal values can hinder playing full out, resulting in a sense of disconnect and contribute to low levels of engagement.  

Common values unite us to work for a common goal.  Massively Human leaders walk their talk, they generate trust and inspire collective action.


It is the relationships between people that contribute to the success or failure of a team or an organization and the strength of these relationships is determined by the values the people have in common.   The quality of relationships of the individuals in the group, determines the success.  A common values set builds cohesion.

Meet|the team

Kathleen Seeley

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Kathleen Seeley is the Founder of Massively Human Leadership™. She is an acclaimed international speaker, facilitator, and organizational leadership consultant.

Karson Grady

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Karson Grady is Massively Human Leadership™'s Director of Operations. He has a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from the University of Lethbridge and is a Certified Barrett Values Center Practitioner

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