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The right Massively Human™ Coach can create Balanced and Sustainable Success at home, work, relationships and self.

Discover the Possibility in Yourself

Achieve Balanced and Sustainable Success.


A Massively Human™ Coach leverages modern cutting-edge tools and techniques to go beyond simple goals and open you up to achieving more than you ever thought possible by tapping into what drives you at your core. Getting to the root of what makes you unique allows a Massively Human™ Coach to facilitate game-changing transformation in all areas of your life: Work, Home, Relationships and beyond. 

The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.​

- Oliver Wendell Holmes

A Values-Based Approach

World-class Approach that Works.


Massively Human™ Coaches take a Values-based approach that provides a roadmap of where you are today, and where they want to be in the future. This is something that has never been offered before. The Massively Human™ tools and approach allow us to provide insights to move you towards your desired future. That is powerful. That is the Massively Human™ advantage.

It is Time

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Jerome A. Johnson

Deputy Director for Strategy and Innovation

DC Department of Employment Services

As a member of the “C-Suite” in a public sector organization, the pressure of “getting it right” is, at times, unbearable. Kathleen Seeley helped me to realize that I was spending too much energy focusing on cognitive fixes to my internal struggles. I highly recommend Kathleen Seeley and the work of Massively Human Leadership™ to any organization. This work is appropriate and fortuitous at any stage of an organization’s development. Individual values show up via behaviors in everything that we do and drive or frame how we define success as an individual and as a collective.

Tina R.

For myself, your time has given me a concrete and quick way to stop reacting from my issues and instead using the square method I am learning to treat others correctly and not from a neurotic injured little girls perspective. It gives me a quick way to sort out my irrational feelings and choose an appropriate response. Since time with you, my relationship has increased trust in each other and has deepened and I believe it’s because we are both being more authentic and massively human™. 

Valerie G.

Kathleen is an amazing coach and presenter. She has a fantastic sense of humour and a gifted talent for seeing past our biases to challenge us and encourage us to take a leap or even just a baby step forward. Very highly recommend taking 'a leap' yourself and see where it takes you.

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