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Data, Analytics, Understanding, and Action Plan to take your Team, Group or Organization to the next level.

Your Organization's culture can be your greatest asset or you greatest liability.

The leadership space is undergoing a major transformation. Leaders are called to shift from delivering on short-term goals to positioning for long-range wider potential; from directing day-to-day to enabling environments of possibilities and moving away from rules and procedures toward coordinated action through shared visions and values.

Are Employees Engaged?

60% of employees are underperforming, under appreciated and under satisfied across the World

According to Gallup, 16% of U.S Employees in 2016 are classified as "Actively Disengaged" and 51% of employee are "Disengaged". These figures have remained consistent for the past 16 years. What does that cost? A lot, both financially and for productivity and morale. Crunch the numbers below to see what 16% Actively Disengaged employees cost your organization.


 Let's Do the Math 


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What do Disengaged Employees Cost?

YOU need more Engagement

5% increase in employee engagement is linked to a 3% increase in revenue growth in the subsequent year.

How? Measure and Manage the Culture

Culture ID: Move your Culture forward

Culture ID uses the Barrett Values Centre's Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT) and the Massively Human™ suite of tools as a framework for measuring and managing culture transformation and leadership development. These short online surveys, and follow up metrics, measure values, within a cultural development framework, to enable organizations to track and monitor the cultural evolution and leadership capacity over time.


The Culture ID, with the Barrett Values Centre's CTT tools, drive engagement. By their very nature, they provide a foundation for deep dialogue for all participants in the process. The process transcends the workplace, tapping into the new frontier of modern organizations: The Human Capital. Who you are and what you stand for have become just as important as the quality of goods and services that you provide.


The power of the tools is their ability to produce a diagnostic to inform dialogue about culture and leadership capacity within a simple to understand framework, making it clear what values and behaviors are supporting and undermining employee engagement, fulfillment and overall workplace performance.

Why Focus on Culture?

Organizations that focus on culture (i.e. Firms of Endearment) outperform the S&P 500 1681%  vs. 118%

Culture ID to Action

Begin to Measure and Manage your Culture in as little as 30 days


Create a High Performance Culture

High performance cultures share seven characteristics: They are vision-guided, mission-focused and values-driven; they have high levels of values alignment and low Cultural Entropy® scores; they are adaptable and resilient, and they are vigilant about meeting their stakeholders’ needs.

Low Cultural Entropy Scores


When a Cultural Entropy score is low, efficiency and productivity are high. A low Cultural Entropy score is strongly correlated with high employee engagement.



An inspiring vision keeps everyone heading in the same direction. The vision of the organization guides its long-term decision-making.



A purposeful mission inspires employees on a daily basis. When employees are able to align their personal sense of purpose with the organization’s mission, they find meaning and bring their whole selves to work.



Your organizational values tell you how you need to be, individually and collectively, to achieve the organization’s mission and vision.



When the values of the organization are in alignment with the personal and desired culture values of employees, you will experience high levels of employee engagement. People will bring their discretionary energy to their work and go the extra mile to get the job done.


In a rapidly changing world, you can only survive and prosper if you are agile: if you can adjust to market conditions and bounce back from marketplace turbulence. Adaptive organizations grow faster than hierarchical, bureaucratic organizations and have superior revenue and productivity growth. Actively measuring and managing Culture is the new key to Success.

Get started on your Culture ID initiative today. Reach out and we can begin the journey of YOUR Culture ID.


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