Cultural Transformation Tools|Practitioner Certification

The most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostics and values assessment instruments commercially available, to leaders, consultants, and coaches. By the Barrett Values Centre.

What can CTT do for you, as an internal change agent or external consultant?


The broad range of surveys and tools provide the input you need to plan and manage change initiatives, cultural transformation programs, diversity interventions, talent management and leadership development initiatives, mergers, and acquisitions and customer feedback. The tools have been used successfully in over 6000 organizations and are translated into over 50 languages. Allowing you to make a positive change, wherever your work leads you.


The CTT tools make the intangibles tangible and provide lead indicators for measuring individual and collective performance. Allowing you to take individuals, groups, teams, or organizations from where they are to where they want to be.

Kind words about the Cultural Transformation Tools


With regards to my practice, values is front and centre. I’ve incorporated a behaviour change support tool after all my values workshops to help individuals make commitments to support a change.  It’s providing additional support after my workshops which is great and it’s also providing great insight. I am launching a mastermind program to help individuals who are passionate about changing the culture on their teams. It will involve this behaviour change tool plus the CTT Tools. This will complement the work I’m doing with the executives at the top to drive culture evolution from the top down...I’m so glad I invested the time and money to get certified.

Carolyn Swora, CTCP, MA | Workplace Culture Architect

Author of the best-selling book “Rules of Engagement”, available on Amazon

PINNACLE CULTURE  Taking your organization to a new place.

As you scan LinkedIn and other business publications, there seems to be a flurry of articles relating to the lack of employee engagement, satisfaction at work, lack of trust with their direct and indirect leaders. Further, we read many articles relating to employees quitting primarily due to their managers and not necessarily their colleagues or company. 

We also read many other articles targeted at managers and executives relating to how to motivate, inspire and get the best out employees, and how to become better leaders. 

A missing link is a tool that measures and tracks hard to measure attributes like 'Values' and 'Culture' and correlates the effects to the bottom line. The Cultural Transformation Tools help coaches bring tangible hard cost value to any organization leaders, and aids in conversations and workshop sessions which can often be subjective in substance, into objective measurable expectations and outcomes for any business. I have been looking for such a tool to build my consulting practice around, and now I have it with a backend support structure and case studies to boot.

Melinda Irvine

Chief of Police | City of Newcastle

I was able to immediately apply the tools (CTT) in my organization. I was able to identify the personal values that are important to each of the employees and to the organization. What they saw in the organization and what they desired in the organization. This gave me the ability to see what changes could be done quickly and effectively to improve the organization's culture.


The  CTT Tools take the guesswork out of "what should we do" and "how do we do it" and gives that information for us.

Jackie M.

Management Consultant | Business Owner

This is an incredible program. Four days, locked, Loaded and ready to hit the ground running. I have tools that I can sell immediately. Tools that make me a better trainer and bringing that into organizations. Whether they are a small business or a large corporation.


It is a phenomenal thing that gives me support before I come and afterward. Any questions I have - I have a community behind me and that is very valuable.



Kathleen Seeley

Lead Facilitator


Massively Human Leadership™

In this integrated Cultural Transformation Tools program, Kathleen Seeley, a longstanding international expert, business consultant, facilitator of change and coach on personal leadership, will guide you through the Seven Levels of Consciousness Model that will help your clientele, business, or corporation build sustainable values-driven organizations.

Options|to certification

Massively Human Leadership™ offers two options to be a certified Practitioner of the Culture Transformation Tools. CTT Live is a 4-day certification and CTT Advance is an additional learning lab day that is added to the end of CTT live, making it a 5-day certification.

CTT|advanced Additional Resources​​

  •  Additional Training Day

  • Additional Post-training calls

  • Additional training/coaching exercises

CTT Tools|you will experience

The best way to understand the tools and their impact is to experience them yourself.

AND a choice of either one of...

CTT Tools|you receive

To practice your knowledge post-training, or sell to a client. The choice is yours.

OR a choice of either one of...

We are here for you...

We are passionate about your successful integration of your learning.The Massively Human™ team will stay with you for a series of bi-weekly cohort ZOOM calls. These calls are designed to help you integrate your learning and begin to use the tools in your organization or consulting practice. The calls are recorded for your convenience and future reference. To ensure you use the tools right away, included in your tuition is your choice of either a Small Group Assessment (SGA) or 360 Development Report (LDR/IDR) to use with your client, team, leader, or group.


After post-training support, you will be given access to our Monthly CTT Practitioner Graduate Community calls (recorded for your convenience and future reference). These calls are integral to your continued development. We invite guest speakers, share new content, share wins, collaborate and support each other using the Culture Transformation Tools.


Reserve your spot for the CTT Practioner Certification.


Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

June 24 - 28, 2019

CTT - pricing in USD

1 Payment - $5,495

3 Payment - $1,900

CTT|advanced - pricing in USD

1 Payment - $6,995

3 Payment - $2,400

How CTT transformed businesses...

J. L. Ashmore

Author, Speaker, Consultant


In my business consulting work with corporations, I find the CTT tools to be very valuable. When coaching individuals within a team, I see those team members feel empowered, acknowledged and valued by their company's request and interest in the individual's personal values. As well, the team member's perspective of the company's current culture and the member's desired culture allow the team member to feel they are a part of the project to shift the culture.  It is fulfilling for me to conduct coaching sessions with individual team members using the CTT assessment results and help them find next steps in their and their team's development.


I recently worked in a pharmaceutical research company who had a research facility with many challenges. The site had changes in leadership multiple times over a few years and the employees were not fully engaged. With the CTT tools, the new Site Director was able to see the comparison of the individuals personal values, current culture and desired culture that exposed the lack of trust, insecurity, and competitive nature that had developed at the site. With this information, the leader established the need for increased communication on his part and team building needs for better communication between departments.


Most leaders using these tools can view their teams at a depth previously unavailable to them. The group assessment allows me to consult and coach the leader not only in the team's next level, but the leader's as well. These tools allow me as a coach/consultant to assist people in taking a deeper dive into what is at the core of their and their teams challenges and what direction to guide them to make the greatest impact. It is additionally rewarding for me as a service provider to see how individual's can apply the assessment work in all areas of their life. 

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