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From A Client

Our roads maintenance company Volker Stevin Highways has been working with Kathleen Seeley and her organization, Massively Human Leadership™, for almost fifteen years.  In that time, she has delivered several special services from leadership development and training; to large-scale partnership sessions with our government clients and personalized problem resolution services tailored for individual leaders within our organization.


I have been asked about the specific value and returns of our training investment with Kathleen Seeley and Massively Human Leadership™ and what I can say is this….


Since engaging Kathleen and her team in 2003, we have tripled our annual sales and added more than $700M to our order book. With more than 300 employees in this company, we have recognized incredible employee retention, with an average tenure of more than 15 years and very low turnover. The results of this retention have translated into the highest quality scores amongst our competition for the Provincial highway maintenance contracts in Alberta Canada, and a three-fold improvement in our HSE measures.


Now, obviously, Kathleen and Massively Human Leadership™ have not brought all this success to us singlehandedly, however, they have been an instrumental player and partner with our team, and our success. 

Fred Desjarlais

Vice President at VOLKER STEVIN Canada



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